copy of Lavender and rosemary

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Mature skin or dry skin or problematic skin (eczema, psoriasis …)

All hair types – avoid it as a shampoo if you do have very dry hair. Perfect for greasy hair. Anti-dandruff.

This soap contains about 3 to 5 % laurel berry oil. It softly nourishes the skin in a very natural way. The benefits of lavender will help relieving irritated of inflamed skin and fight against skin problems like eczema or psoriasis. The rosemary will help firming your skin. The seven other oils that are in the soap will deeply moisturize your skin.

It is also a perfect shampoo bar for greasy hair and it is anti-dandruff. 

Composition : This traditionnal Aleppo soap is milled with some lavender, some rosemary oil, some blueberry, some olive oil, some laurel berry oil, some sesame oil, some nigella oil, some coconut oil, some castor oil and some almond oil

Weight : 140g.

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