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The loofa is a 100 % natural oriental washcloth that is made with fibres from an exotic dried fruit. This washcloth can be used on your body and your face and has scrub benefits. You can also use it for domestic care : it doesn’t scratch your furnitures. Don’t forget : you must always rinse it and dry it after every use !

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How to use it : First, you have to moisten a little bit your loofa. You can use it with an Aleppo soap. Then, you have to moisturize your skin. 

For your home : The loofa’s natural fibres don’t scratch so you can use it everywhere with natural maintenance products (baking soda, Aleppo soap, white vinegar …). Moisten it before using it and don’t forget to rinse it and dry it after !
Composition : soft fibres coming from an exotic dried fruit.

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