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Recognize your skin type

Recognize your skin type

hen your face is completely cleansed and cleansed, observe it.

If your skin pulls you regularly, is very sensitive, easily marks, then you probably have dry skin.

If you frequently have pimples and blackheads, your pores are very visible and dilated, and you see a shiny “veil” all over your face, you probably have oily skin.

If these shine and small imperfections are only located on the "T" area of the face, namely the forehead, nose and chine, and the rest of your face is rather dry, sometimes with redness on the cheeks, especially after showering, you have combination skin. This is the most coated type of skin.

With age, mature skin tends to lose its elaticity and hydration. Wrinkles, pigmentation spots or fine lines are more visible and the skin generally becomes drier.

If your skin shows nor or almost no imperfection, has a regular skin texture and a uniform complexion, then it is a normal skin.

If your skin is "normal": the traditional 4% soap will suit you perfectly. Don't hesitate to take care of your skin with our apricot scrub.

If your skin is dry or mature : It will prefer lower percentages, which range from 8 to 30% and allow to sufficiently nourish the skin. Avocado and rose oil allows to hydrate and sooth this type of skin. The Aleppo clay and Dead Sea mud mask is also an indispensable for mature skin and “royal recipe” or “honey” day creams deeply moisturize the driest skin. If you have sensitive skin don't hesitate to make your own clay mask with our Aleppo clay as explained in this article.

If you have a "combination" or "oily" skin : It needs a soap with a high percentage of bay laurel oil, more than 30%, in order to regulate their sebum and limit shine and dilations of the pores. Some vegetable oils also help to fight against the inconveniences associated with this type of skin, such as grape seed oil, hazelnut oil is also ideal for combination skin. We also offer a mask with mint oil that has a purifying effect as well as a scrub with turmeric extract that removes excess of sebum and cleans clogged pores. You cans also use Aleppo soap mask on the face and neck in case of hormonal acne.

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