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Production and import

Production and import

Aleppo soap is a natural product, it from Syria, this soap is reputed all over the world. It only made with raw materials and you can to use for your daily hygiene, your skincare and your bodycare. 

Thanks to its richness in olive oil and the absence of chemicals cleaners this soap is soft and respectful of all the skin. Its richness in bay laurel oil known for her soothing, antiseptic and purifying properties, it's a perfect ally for damaged skin, sensitive to irritations and tightness.


The bay laurel oil is extracted from the fruits (bay) of the noble laurel also called Laurel-sauce or Apollo's Laurel. The laurel bay is oval and green, it becomes black when it ripens.

Do not confused the bay laurel oil and the laurel seed oil which is toxic with water. To guarantee its cosmetic safety, the bay laurel oil do not obtained by pressure but by water extraction of the pulp by boiling the berries. Analyses are performed on the oil by the producer to confirm that it does not contain a toxic compound.

The bay laurel oil do not confused with the laurel oil obtained by distillation of the leaves.


Since more of 3000 years, in Aleppo, The processes of making Aleppo soap are perpetuated from father to son. The master soap makers of Aleppo pass it on from generation to generation.

To make the Aleppo soap, they use a top quality olive oil which is an oil with two cold pressures, and exceptionaly an virgin olive oil (one cold pressure), but the price will not the same.

The olive oil is of local origin, it is heated with natural soda (vegetal origin obtained from salihorn) and water. After the saponification process, the precious laurel berry oil is added.

It begin in late autumn, after harvesting the olives and pressing the oil.

In the old souk of Aleppo, the oil is then heated slowly, between 80°C and 100°C, for several days with water and soda in the traditional copper pots. At the end of the cooking, the "saponification" took place, the soap is still liquid. We add bay laurel oil, up to 30% for the best qualities.

Aleppo Soap - Drying tower. The paste of the soap is washed in salted water to get rid of tracks of soda. It spread on a stone floor. After, this paste is covered in a wooden board on which soaps rise which thus equalize the thickness of the Aleppo soap. The coat is then cu into cubic loaves, whiwh are then marked with the manufacturer's seal and the quality of the soap. With these cubes, we form outdoor towers in staggered that will allow a better aeration of soap blocks. Aleppo soap will then "ripen", dry and harden for a least 9 months. The outside of the soap loaves becomes more and more brown as the soap dries, while the inside of the soap remains green.


Our team has a good knowledge about the Syrian market, and has good relations with local produceurs, which allows to ally quality and price.

Our products are imported from Syria for sale in our shops and for our partners too.

Do not hesitate to tell us if you need. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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