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Aleppo Soaps


  • Traditionnal Soaps
    <p>The Aleppo soap is also called the « laurel soap » in Alep, Syria. It is a 100 % natural product. It doesn’t contain any dye or adjuvant. The Aleppo soap is very respectful with the most sensitive skins and is very famous for its healing benefits for eczema or psoriasis for example. It can be used for both hair and body. Each soap contains different percentage of laurel berry oil that fits with different skin types. We’re sure you’ll find the one that is made for you !</p>
  • Perfumed Soaps
    <p>Our traditional Aleppo soap are milled with one or a several extra ingredients that are 100 % natural (rosewater, honey …). This adding offers to the soap unique benefits and a nice scent.</p>
  • Liquid Soap
    <p>You are fond of Aleppo soaps benefits and looking for them but you don’t like solid soaps ? We have liquid aleppo soaps range that are just as natural as the traditional format !</p>

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