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Avocado oil

Avocado oil

For hair :

Avocado oil is rich in fat acid and vitamins, it allows to nourish dry and damaged hair. This oil allows to bring shine, flexibility and depth to your hair. 

To use : Apply all over your hair leave for a minimum of one hour. 

For skin : 

Avocado oil is very rich in fat acid, in vitamins and minerals, it allows to hydrate the skin in depth and to combat visible marks of the skin like stretch marks. It's perfect to use like makeup remover for sensitive skin.

To use : Massage your skin with the oil or add the oil in your moisturizer

For dark circles :

Thanks to its moisturizing power it allows to attenuate the marked dark circles.

To use: Massage with small circular movements the eye contour. 

For nails : 

It allows to strengthen the nails.

To use : Apply by massaging on the nails several times a day for one week.

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