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Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil

For skin:

Jasmine oil is ideal to moisturize the dry skin, it allows to reduce imperfections and cleanse the skin.

To use: add a fw drops in your moisturizer for everyday use.

It have antisceptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties which promotes the healing of the skin with stretch marks, scars or bruises.

To use: Massage the area with a fw drops of jasmine oil.

It allows to relax the muscles while helping to relax, fall asleep and fight stress.

To use: You can use like massage oil.

For hair:

Jasmine oil nourrishes and shine the hair. It makes them soft, shiny, it is also ideal for sealing hydration. It also helps to fight hair loss.

To use: Add a few drops of jasmine oil in your shampoo or make an oil bath you can also add other vegetable oils such as coconut or castor oil to increase its virtues.

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