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Coconut oil

Coconut oil

For skin:

Coconut oil is an ally of drehydrated skin. It have restorative power and it soothing the irritated and damaged skin. It contains vitamins A and E, it allows to prevent skin aging. It allows to treat eczema, sunburns, to reduce the bruise, it's a perfect makeup remover. This oil is very comedogenic, it not recommanded for greasy and acneic skin.

To use : heats up coconut oil between your fingers and apply on the area desired.

For hair:

Coconut oil is a good oil to hydrate hair. You can use like hair mask for your dry and damaged hair.

To use : heats up coconut oil between your fingers all over the hair concentrating on the ends.

For white teeth:

To use : Add sodium bicarbonate in coconut oil and brush your teeth.

Like deodorant:

To use : Mix a littel of sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, coconut oil and apply under your arms.

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